Climate Conversations

Climate Conversations are an opportunity to come together to learn more about community action on reversing global warming.

Project Drawdown’s research ranked the most effective solutions which already exist and can reverse the crisis we are in if we scale the solutions! These were then grouped into three areas – Sources, Sinks and Societies and grouped into major sectors including — Electricity, Food, Agriculture & Land Use, Industry, Transportation, Buildings, Land Sinks, Coastal & Ocean Sinks, Engineered Sinks and Health & Education.

Which sector(s) or solution(s) most speaks to you?

We’ll start with introductions to hear what we’re each passionate or curious about. Then we’ll break out into small Drawdown sector groups to explore our common area of interest more deeply.

What do we already know about the solutions in this sector? Want do we want to learn? What’s already being done in our area around those solutions?

How can we advance the sector solutions at a community level — in our workplaces, schools, and housing complexes? How can we help other communities that we are already connected to?