Recommended Podcasts

How to Save a Planet

One of our favorites! Hosted by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Alex Blumberg this show started a few months ago tackles topics like topics like Making Republicans Environmentalists Again, Cold Hard Cash for Your Greenhouse Gas (on Refrigerant Management), and are Electric Cars Really Better for the Environment? Listen to the trailer for the podcast here.


Drilled investigates fossil fuel propaganda and is performed in a True Crime format (so…dramatic 😊). The investigative journalist who hosts it, Amy Westervelt does her homework and I highly recommend the third session focused on the “madmen” of digs into the history of fossil fuel propaganda and the few “Mad Men of climate denial” who shaped it. It will give you a great insight into why we are in a highly polarized and politicized environment now. Short form: The invention and execution of 100 years of very cunning PR led by the fossil fuel industry.

Generation Green New Deal Podcast

A new generation has pushed the climate crisis to the center of American politics. Generation Green New Deal tells the story of this youth movement: who they are, what they’ve accomplished so far, and where they go from here. Hosted by filmmaker Sam Eilertsen. Check out the documentary that is in progress as well here.

Carbon Removal Newsroom Podcast with Nori

A short-form podcast by Nori where we discuss current events around the world of carbon removal from the atmosphere with a rotating cast of guests. Please check out the incredible work Nori is doing to remove and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on their home page.

The Reversing Climate Change Podcast with Nori

A podcast focused on the people and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Nori makes it easy for farmers to get paid for storing carbon in soil.

My Climate Journey. A podcast for those seeking to better understand climate change and how to help. Hosted by Jason Jacobs, who is a serial entrepreneur who has been publicly sharing his journey and the experts he has been interviewing (including Jonathan Foley from Drawdown) and sharing what he is learning in the hopes of inspiring more people to join. For those interested in how tech, entrepreneurs, startups and venture capital play a role, this one is for you!

Outrage and Optimism. Since launching in April 2019, Outrage + Optimism has become the most widely listened to climate change podcast, with an audience stretching from San Francisco to Sydney. Topping the UK Politics podcast charts twice, it has been selected as the number 10 All-Time Podcasts on the Apple UK Charts, been the number 3 Politics Podcast on Apple Australia Charts and was listed at number 15 of The Guardian Best Podcasts of 2019. Outrage + Optimism was selected as the News & Politics Podcast Honoree in the prestigious 2020 Webby Awards.

Hot Take. Climate change has emerged as the undisputed story of our time, even of all humanity. But we don’t know how to talk about it. And the story is so overwhelming, we don’t get to talk about storytelling. In Hot Take, Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt take an intersectional, critical, but constructive look at climate coverage—with the ultimate goal of making the conversation more productive and powerful. Not just bigger, but more inclusive.

The Drawdown Agenda. The Drawdown Agenda is an exciting podcast series exploring the ground-breaking research behind the best-selling book Drawdown, a new and inspiring vision how we can reverse global warming by achieving “drawdown” – when atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations peak and begin to decline.

Global Weirding with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. In this series, we’re tackling climate issues head on. How do we know this Global Warming thing is even real? Why do scientists say that humans are causing climate change and not just natural cycles like it’s been every other time, while many politicians say exactly the opposite. Is climate change behind all the crazy weather we see today? Does fixing climate mean we have to shut down the economy? Why are the Pope and the National Association of Evangelicals piling on? Why do climate scientists get so much hate mail?

The Sustainability Agenda. The Sustainability Agenda is a weekly podcast exploring today’s biggest sustainability questions. Leading sustainability thinkers offer their views on the biggest sustainability challenges, share the latest thinking, identify what’s working –and what needs to change — and think about the future of sustainability.

Individual Episodes from other Popular Podcasts

Rich Roll Podcast:

  • Confronting the Climate Crisis with Margaret Saalmon, PhD. Fomenting a collective sense of existential dread is the dark beast of climate change, an accelerating background hum that can leave even the most optimistic overwhelmed by a sense of powerlessness. Hitting the brakes isn’t enough. We’re overdue to jam the engine into reverse. We need an immediate call to action. We need a ‘Manhattan Project’ scale approach to reckon with the objective truth of our dire predicament.
  • We Can Solve Climate Change with Paul Hawken. For all of us, this podcast is an abstraction. The motivation behind the event was to create a tactile, analog experience for 1,100 people to gather around shared purpose and passion. An opportunity to cultivate community. Raise consciousness. Elevate intimacy. Deepen personal connectivity around our collective humanity — and the important ideas of our time.
  • Why Non-violence is an Essential Response to Climate Change. With a focus on ahimsa — the Sanskrit word for non-violence — as an essential and perhaps the most powerful response to climate change, Climate Healers promotes technological and engineering advances aimed at clean air and reforestation. Partnering with NGOs, tribal villages, and school clubs, current projects include efforts to devise an affordable and high-functioning solar powered stove to replace the traditional — and quite environmentally detrimental — wood burning stoves that proliferate across low income areas of India.
  • Soil is Everything: John and Molly Chester’s Biggest Little Farm. Biodiversity. Regenerative agriculture. Ecological sustainability. Carbon drawdown. Climate change reversal. These are popular themes that recur regularly on this show. But in practical terms, what do they actually mean?
  • Ryland Engelhart’s Philosophy on Gratitude: Thoughts on Soil, Sacred Commerce and Sustainability. Ryland is a speaker and passionate advocate for sacred commerce, community building and regenerative farming principles, which he supports as co-founder of Kiss The Ground, a non-profit that provides education regarding the connection between soil, human, and planetary health. Among its board of advisors are former podcast guests Paul Hawken, Dr. Zach Bush and David Bronner.
  • A Planet Based Lifestyle. Some of the many topics explored in today’s conversation include: the documentary ‘Kiss The Ground’ — underground ecosystems; regenerative agriculture v. demand for meat; the documentary ‘My Octopus Teacher’ — underwater ecosystems; New studies on the exponential growth of plastic waste; and thoughts on rugged individualism and commonwealth harm.
  • Charles Eisenstein on the Coronation. If there is a silver lining to this perilous global moment, it is the opportunity to snap the denial that humans exist separate from each other — and the biosphere that supports all life.

Startalk Live with Neil Degrasse Tyson

  • How can we combat climate change? How can we combat climate change? Neil deGrasse Tyson, comic co-host Chuck Nice, climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe, PhD, and chemist Peter Mahaffy, PhD, investigate on our first virtual StarTalk Live, sponsored by Pocketlab.
  • Coronovirus and Climate Change. Neil deGrasse Tyson explores coronavirus and climate change with co-host Chuck Nice, Gavin A. Schmidt, PhD, Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and climate scientist and Global Weirding host Katharine Hayhoe, PhD.
  • Saving the Earth with Al Gore. It’s now or never. Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with environmental activist, Nobel Prize winner, and former US VP Al Gore to investigate ways to combat climate change. Joined by co-host Chuck Nice, journalist Andrew Revkin, and climate scientist Kate Marvel.
  • Clean Meat. Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the future of clean meat and animal agriculture with comic co-host Maeve Higgins, author and animal advocate Paul Shapiro, and Dr. Liz Specht, Senior Scientist at The Good Food Institute.
  • Climate Science with Bill Nye. Bill Nye the Science Guy is back to delve into one of his favorite topics of discussion: climate change. Joined by co-host Chuck Nice and Kate Marvel, an Associate Research Scientist at NASA GISS and Columbia University, Bill and company answer fan’s Cosmic Queries about our changing climate.
  • Cosmic Queries – Climate Change. Bill Nye is back to lead the fight against climate change and answer questions about the future of climate science. He’s joined by Columbia University climate scientist Dr. Radley Horton, and comic co-host Chuck Nice.
  • Tell the Right Climate Story. How do you tell an effective story? How do you tell one about a complex subject? And, more importantly, how do you tell the story of climate change? On this episode of StarTalk All-Stars, astrobiologist and host David Grinspoon, a.k.a. Dr. FunkySpoon, sits down with comic co-host Chuck Nice and NASA climate scientist, science communicator, and returning StarTalk guest Kate Marvel to figure out how to communicate the story of climate change.
  • Get Real with Climate Change. Seth Shostak, SETI Institute Senior Astronomer, is back hosting StarTalk All-Stars as he welcomes co-host Eugene Mirman and Ken Caldeira, Climate Scientist at the Carnegie Institution of Science, to sharpen the discussion on climate change. Ken explains why there are better things to argue besides the well-established science proving climate change.

Your Undivided Attention (from the creators of the Social Dilemma on Netflix)

  • Changing our Climate of Denial. We agree more than we think we do, but tech platforms distort our perceptions by amplifying the loudest, angriest and most dismissive voices online. In reality, they’re just a noisy faction. This Earth Day we ask Anthony Leiserowitz, Director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, how he shifts public opinion on climate change.
  • The Stubborn Optimist’s Guide to Saving the Planet. How can we feel empowered to take on global threats? The battle begins in our heads, argues Christiana Figueres. She became the United Nation’s top climate official, after she had watched the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit collapse “in blood, in screams, in tears.” In the wake of that debacle, she began performing an act of emotional Aikido on herself, her team and eventually delegates from 196 nations. She called it “stubborn optimism.”

Sourcing Matters – Paul Hawkins – Connecting the Dots. In our 45 minute discussion we learn from Paul that our only future is regenerative. In fact, our quickest and most pragmatic approach get to the goals of Project Drawdown is to evolve our land management practices in the way we produce our food. Paul explains, that now tooled with modern data analysis and peer-reviewed science supporting regenerative agriculture – investing in soil health is the #1 way to reverse climate change – “by a factor of four or five – SOIL is the largest solution.”