Scott Henson

Scott Henson has a breadth of experience with the conception, design, development, and delivery of products used and loved by millions of people around the world including Xbox and FireTV.  In addition to working on the product innovation side of the business, a great deal of his technology career has been working closely with top developers to take full advantage of the cutting-edge hardware, software and service platforms from Microsoft and Amazon. In late 2018, Scott made the decision to take a break and determine where he might be able to help change the world for the better.  After a great deal of research and reading it became clear that his focus should be to do everything possible to aid with our increasing climate change challenges.   A year prior, Scott had been introduced to “Project Drawdown” –  a scientific study that identified 100 solutions that together, could actually reverse global warming by 2050.   These are substantive solutions based in meticulous research by leading scientists and policy makers around the world and cover large scale solutions across every major sector including buildings and cities, energy, food, land use, materials, transport and women and girls.
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Workshops Led by Scott Henson:

  • Introduction to Reversing Global Warming Introduction to Reversing Global Warming

    Reversing Global Warming: Introduction to Drawdown is a 90 minute in-person experience that invites you to see both the possibility of reversing global warming and that you have an important role to play in that process.

  • Getting Into Action Series Getting Into Action Series

    Getting Into Action takes a deep-dive into the concepts from Introduction to Reversing Global Warming. By attending this five-part series, you will connect with people in the community in order to accelerate and expand the Drawdown solutions locally.