Catherine Henson

Catherine’s career has spanned various industries including consumer product design and research, corporate litigation, community health services support, web-based volunteer coordination, education advancement programs and household logistics management (aka Mom). Over the years, her path has meandered in and out of corporate and non-profit firms while taking on roles with Boards and HOAs. This breadth of experience provided Catherine with a unique perspective of how our individual action contributes so critically to the success of the whole.

That understanding, curated over many years, manifested into a realization of the converse as well: our individual actions can and will contribute to the demise of the whole…unless we elevate that understanding and take concrete action to modify behavior. Catherine believes that climate change will ultimately be reversed by individual action and projects within communities, shared and disseminated across the world, on display and explained in terms that everyone can relate to. The solutions and answers must bubble-up and be demanded from individuals; once they do, governments will be compelled to reconstruct the playing field so that earth wins.

Catherine’s motto is quite simple: make a change that benefits the earth and SHARE IT with everyone who will listen. Become the conduit of change.

BSBA Georgetown University ‘89

MBA Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University ‘95