Barbara Young

I believe in limitless possibilities and the realization of untapped potential in all life on this planet.

I believe that setbacks are a time for learning and growth, and that crisis is a moment of opportunity to shift what was into something mutually beneficial for all life.

I believe that we can turn this crisis around.

I’ve been a physical therapist for 40 years, the first 20-years working in conventional settings and the last 20 years in my own practice where I guide individuals in a more holistic and systems thinking approach to healing.  I teach the foundation of natural movement—not a quick fix that fails the test of time but rather a process that shifts current thinking and inappropriate movement habits to those that are sustainable, long lasting, and represent our true potential. Clients who find my office have tried conventional methods that have left them unsatisfied.  Common attitudes among my clients are their unstoppable spirit of determination and perseverance to find solutions for personal change.  I offer them hope and guidance to discover their own natural resilience to heal.

These qualities of hope, determination, perseverance, sustainability, longevity, systems thinking and the interconnection of all life are qualities I embody in pursuing action toward solutions for this climate crisis.  I care deeply about life and have spent my career helping individuals heal.  With the same commitment for change, I believe we can heal this planet. I see this crisis as a catalyst for needed change.  Working together we can make a difference!

Workshops Led by :

  • Introduction to Reversing Global Warming Introduction to Reversing Global Warming

    Reversing Global Warming: Introduction to Drawdown is a 90 minute in-person experience that invites you to see both the possibility of reversing global warming and that you have an important role to play in that process.