Resources for the 2040 Movie Community Screening


Welcome to the Drawdown Seattle resource page for the 2040 movie.  If you have seen the movie, then please read on.  If you have not yet seen the movie, please find it here:

For those interested in hosting your own screening in your community, please fill out this short form for the Together Films team (the team responsible for the distribution of the film).   You can also send mail to: and let them know the details of your planned screening.

The 2040 movie asks us to consider this question:

What would the future look like if we simply embraced the solutions that already exist today?”

This site is here to help you to explore solutions from the movie and more which create a better future for people and all of life on the planet.


Engage and Learn More:

    • Awakening the Dreamer. Attend a free online 2.5 hour workshop to take an honest look at the challenging state of the world, reflect, and discover opportunities to create a new future where you have a key role to play.
    • Reversing Global Warming: Introduction to Project Drawdown.  Through videos and group activities, you will learn about a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming from Project Drawdown—a scientific study that identified 100 solutions that together, could actually reverse global warming by 2050. These solutions encompass the energy we use, the food we eat, and the cities we live in. By the end you will see the vital role you can play in the movement to reverse global warming.
    • Reversing Global Warming:  Getting into ActionThe goal of this five part workshop is to help you and people in your community to accelerate and expand the work being done to achieve one or even several of the solutions outlined in the Drawdown research (found at During this workshop you will be doing some book learning, some research, fieldwork, and collaboration. You will have the opportunity to engage in one or more specific Solutions and become an active advocate for reversing global warming.
    • The Game Changer Intensive.  The Game Changer Intensive is a unique online course that will inspire you and equip you to become a game-changing leader in the world. Over an eight-week period, Intensive participants delve into a wealth of carefully-curated resources—videos, readings, and activities—delivered on a platform that allows you to explore the course content on your own schedule and interact with others in lively online discussions. You can also participate in weekly conversations with a small group of learning partners and join in web gatherings with all participants at the beginning and end of the course.
    • All Classes Can be Found Here


Key Resources from the Movie:

    • This is a perfect place to start as it ties directly to the movie and the solutions found in it.  Lots to explore here!  You can also start your own personalized action plan as well.  While there are links on the site, you can also find the 2040 team on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  You can find the list of solutions highlighted in the movie here and “Action Partners” (organizations focused on solutions) here,
    • Movie screenings and panels.  Watch or host a screening of the movie or view one of several GREAT panel discussions from the U.S. premier on World Environment Day (June 5).
    • YouTube Channel. On this channel are lots of videos from the movie, that complement the movie by going deeper and the first wave of discussions that happened after the movie was shown in Australia and other countries in 2019.  There is an excellent series of discussions called “Towards 2040 | A Conversation Series” on a whole host of issues including staying motivated, self-care, waste, food, gender, and many more.
    • Doughnut Economics.  Kate Raworth (sounds like ‘Ray-worth’) is a renegade economist focused on exploring the economic mindset needed to address the 21st century’s social and ecological challenges, and is the creator of the Doughnut of social and planetary boundaries.  She is featured throughout the movie 2040. Here are some resources to her work:
    • Environmental Dashboard.  Featured in the movie, the Environmental Dashboard, is a tool designed to give Oberlin students and the community feedback on their consumption of resources.  The Dashboard measures electricity and water consumption in schools, businesses, public facilities, and homes and translates this data into real-time animations displayed on LCD screens around campus. The dashboards are designed to engage, educate, motivate, and empower building occupants to make informed choices that conserve resources.  More on bringing environmental dashboards to your community can be found here.
    • 2040 Educational Materials.  In the our main 2040 folder on OneDrive, there are a whole host of materials for download including the trailer to the movie, educational movies from Cool Australia, the Media Kit for promoting the movie, and the recording of our Zoom call with presentation.


Project Drawdown Resources:

In the face of widespread fear and apathy, an international coalition of researchers, professionals, and scientists have came together to offer a set of realistic and bold solutions to climate change.  You can borrow the book at the library, buy the book at AmazonWalmartBarnes and Noble, and find out more on the Drawdown website.  You can find the original Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) document for this work here which provides a great overview for the original work.


From August 30 Discussion: