Drawdown Solutions: Getting into Action on Reversing Global Warming

NOTE: This is a four part workshop which takes place on January 7th, 14th, 21st and February 25th, 2020. Your RSVP is for all four dates. When you RSVP “yes” please plan to attend all sessions.

This in-depth workshop series builds on the Introduction to Drawdown session. The goal is to help you and people in your community to accelerate and expand the work being done to achieve one or even several of the Solutions outlined in the Drawdown research.

During this workshop you will be doing some book learning, some research, fieldwork, and collaboration.

You will have the opportunity to engage in one or more specific Solutions and become an active advocate for reversing global warming.
That engagement will include a new attitude, a new hopefulness, and partners both locally and in an extended network that you contribute to, and that contributes to you.

The intention is that this engagement will represent a lifetime commitment to reversing global warming – that what gets unleashed in you doesn’t end when the workshop ends; you can be counted on for the rest of your life as part of a larger movement bringing about a more beautiful world.

Session one will focus on small group Solutions sharing and the four levels of action with research on how one specific Solution is active around the world as well as talking about Drawdown.

Session two will focus on communicating effectively about reversing global warming and small group solutions sharing with research on identifying local opportunities for engaging one specific solution and preparing and practicing an elevator talk.

Session three will focus on full group sharing about local Solution opportunities and inventory of goals and resources with research on developing and implementing an action plan.

The last session (which will roughly a month after the third session) will be a community gathering and potluck with full group action planning.

What it offers

  • Learn about a comprehensive scientific study of 100 solutions that together, could actually reverse global warming by 2050
  • Connect with people in your community to find inspiration and discover new possibilities for addressing global warming
  • Learn how you can change the conversation about global warming from “game over” to “game on!”
  • People who are interested in the more in-depth multi-day workshop Drawdown Solutions: Getting into Action will be invited to attend at a future date.
  • Lean more about the AWESOME Eco Collective in their store!

WHEN: 6-8:30pm, Tuesdays January 7th, 14th, and 21st AND February 25th

WHERE: At Keystone Congregational Church (5019 Keystone Pl N, Seattle, WA 98103)


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